1.6 litre speed demon (artificialworld) wrote,
1.6 litre speed demon

So one of my classmates in Japanese thinks my name is Jason. No, really. That's what he called me today, twice as a matter of fact, so I know I heard it correctly.

Now there are about 15 people in this class, total--and it's not as if I never talk and Sensei never calls my name--hell, I've even stood up in front of the class and given an oral presentation. I'm really not sure where this kid got Jason from, but it's definitely...a first. But aw, dude! Why does it have to be Jason? I can't help but think of that awful story I tried to write years ago, with Hunter the Cliché Thought Vampire and Kate the Curly-Haired Stupid Girl. Jason was the Psychic Kid Who Could See Through Hunter's Spell but that was about all he could do...he was weak even by my plotless standards.

After that, all other news seems kinda anticlimactic. But I do want to announce with much fanfare that I don't have to take Physics anymore! Bizarrely enough though, I ended up with a 3.7 last quarter even though I bombed one test and never understood what we were doing in lab. I think my professor was a bit generous, but I'm not going to argue. Instead, I will bask in the sheer joy of taking only math and Japanese this quarter, and the knowledge that much enjoyment lies ahead.

Oh yeah, I also learned that my dog can projectile vomit.

It's been a weird day.
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