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I bet that thing's got a lot of POWER!


I was out driving yesterday evening with the window down, playing cheesy upbeat German dance music, Ricebucket being loud...you know, the usual. I pulled up to a stoplight and this new black sedan (Infiniti G35 or some such. It was ugly and had droopy taillights) comes up in the turn lane beside me, the guy in the passenger's seat hanging out the window. He yells at me, "Hey! I bet that thing's got a lot of power!"

"Yeah man, all four cylinders of it!" <--Me. Come on, no one knows better than I that Ricebucket's all vroom and no zoom. It had what, 106 horsepower brand new? If I could think a little faster on my feet, I would have added that I smoke shopping carts on a daily basis. However, I was too busy thinking about how if I was in the Javelin, they'd all be down on the pavement worshiping her. Then of course, there was some juvenile revving of engines until the light turned green and we peeled off in our separate directions. And what do you know! It turns out that I won the Best-sounding car award, the I-can-drive-a-manual-transmission award, and the Even-with-burned-paint-and-major-body-damage-my-car-has-better-styling-than-yours award. I'm quite sure thoughts of my sheer superiority haunted them for the rest of the evening.

Otherwise, life continues onward much as it always does. I'm trying to make a little extra cash by selling some of my family's old unused crap on Craigslist, but am proving rather unsuccessful. Mostly because I get so fed up with prospective buyers that it makes me not want to sell to them. My current favourites are the homeschooling parents who've been emailing me wanting to know what grade the Algebra books I listed are for. Gee, let me see. When do kids normally learn Algebra? Last I checked, math placement was determined by how sound one's foundation is, not what grade they're in. If your kids are learning Pre-Alg now and understanding it fine, they'll probably be ready to take on Algebra next. It's not as if the course content's going to change based on how old the kid is, either. X, Y, and Z don't miraculously become more complicated for jr high/high school students and easier for the younger ones. Bah. I'm unkind and have no patience. And will probably never sell anything at this rate.
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