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well, someone fails at something...

so if you see something go up for auction on ebay that would be hugely inspirational to you as an artist and is so rare you'd be hard pressed to ever hear of anything like it again, and you:

-watch the auction up until 2 hours before it ends,
-1.5 hours before the auction ends, leave to take your little sister to a babysitting job, and you:
a. make a mental note of the exact time the auction ends,
b. do not place a bid yet, because you want to be a sniper and anyway, you'll be back in plenty of time to bid later, right?

-then one hour later, you return home and log into ebay only to find that the auction has ended and you:
a. not only did the math wrong and thought it ended 1/2 an hour later than it actually did, but you also completely failed to notice that the end time is posted right there on the auction page for all the world to see,
b. remember part (b) from above, where you forgot to bid? Yeah, that.
c. and it went for a price that I would have paid in a heartbeat, too.

My question: does that make you (me) an idiot?
Personally, I think that the LJ login screen should say, "welcome back, dumbass."

Perhaps the moral of the story is that ebay is a place to avoid. Stay away, stay far away. You'll be much happier (and probably more well off) in the long run.
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